About Me

Hello! I'm CJ Branscome, and what I do during the day depends on who you ask:

My three-year-old daughter thinks I tape things back together.

My nine-year-old son thinks I do laundry.

I actually spend time teaching classes, interacting with students, and doing research. 

I write fiction for fun, so I decided to sell it for fun...through Kindle at first, and then I'll see where it goes.

I bought terrific novels as a teenager and 20-somethings adult that cost less than $5. I miss that for today's readers who enjoy protagonists in this age range. The prices creep up and up and up. Big publishers have big expenses. I get it. In my day job, I am working on a textbook. The costs of production are massive.

I want the fiction that I write and the stories that I write about on this blog to be those that have protagonists in the 20-somethings age range and sell their work for $5 or less.

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