Monday, July 9, 2012

What's in Your Beach Bag?

If you clicked on this link thinking you might find some good sunscreen, two novels, and the best sunglasses on the planet, you should probably go read Vanity Fair. For the record, I have none of those things in my beach bag, but I do have serious questions about why anyone needs $12 Band-Aids at the beach, despite how cute they are.

I have to use an extra-large L.L. Bean tote bag
to manage my ridiculous inability to relax
for the first four days.
For me, packing the beach bag is psychological. I have a hard time switching from work mode to I'm-at-the-beach mode, so the contents of the bag are instrumental for this transition.

First, I need to have some editing work to do. (Having a pen to mark up the pages doesn't matter. The purpose of having this work in the bag is to tell myself I'll actually relax and get some work finished.)

Wired Magazine to feed my geeky side, but in all honesty, my son reads it while we're waiting for our hamburgers at the snack shack.

Pistachios in the shell. They give me something to do with my hands besides eat all my children's Oreos.

Complete change of clothes for each child and myself because we might need them to transition from the beach to going Somewhere Important.

A beach towel. Because, eventually, I give up the work-relax pretense and admit we're already Somewhere Important.

How do you switch from work mode to relax/vacation mode? 

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