Monday, February 4, 2013

Reviews of my young adult mystery & the next installment

Two reviews of One Crappie Summer (a young adult mystery) are available online. & GoodReads review:
I really enjoyed this fun mystery, set in Texas. When Kate Carlton misses out on a big time journalism fellowship and has to settle for returning to her small home town where the biggest thing going is the summer crappie fishing tournament, she never thought she'd soon be embroiled in a [read more...]
A warm and entertaining novel dedicated to ‘every twenty something trying to build a career and a life. There are some nice moments with Kate negotiating her self-centered mother, and her own frustrations. The pages are littered with ‘J-speak’ and all conversations among friends and potential lovers are either on or off the record, while being chased by heavies torn between their need to follow orders and their desire to go fishing certainly promises the laughs. [read more...]
I'm getting excited because next installment is almost finished! More on it soon.

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